A la carte offer in restaurant TA Snježna kraljica

Vegetable salad with fresh cottage cheese 35,00 kn
Sljeme platter (cooked ham, smoked portk, wild boar sausages, fresh cottage cheese,
horseradish and onions)
50,00 kn
Fresh cottage cheese with sour cream 30,00 kn

Mushroom cream soup 17,00 kn
Tomato cream soup 15,00 kn
Chicken broth 18,00 kn
Beef soup 18,00 kn
Zagorje soup 25,00 kn

Baked pastry filled with fresh cottage cheese 35,00 kn
Boiled štrukli "Snow Queen" (topped with fried onions) 35,00 kn
Wild mushroom pan roast with green vegetables on radicchio
(mushrooms, carrots, peas, broccoli and parmesan cheese)
45,00 kn
Grits on bacon and onions 30,00 kn
White corn grits topped with sour creme sauce 30,00 kn
Grilled vegetables 30,00 kn
Fried cheese 35,00 kn

Salary "Snow Queen"       *for two people
(stuffed pork tenderloin, veal medallions in mushroom sauce, fried turkey fillet,
shelves of potatoes, grilled vegetables and gnocchi)
200,00 kn
Beef fillet "Queen"
(beef fillet in a sauce of chestnuts)
140,00 kn
Veal minute steak 75,00 kn
Zagreb veal steak 65,00 kn
Samobor pork chop (pork cutlet in garlic sauce with fried potatoes) 60,00 kn
Grilled tenderloin 60,00 kn
Breadcrumbed and stuffed chicken fillet 60,00 kn
Chicken fillet with pasta patches and sauteed grated cabbage 65,00 kn
"Queen" Sljeme steak (turkey fillet with mushroom sauce) 65,00 kn
Trout in corn flour with potatoes 60,00 kn

French fries 15,00 kn
Butter vegetables 15,00 kn
Grilled vegetables 15,00 kn
Baked potatoes 15,00 kn
Pasta paches with sauteed grated cabbage 12,00 kn
Gnocchi 15,00 kn
Croquettes 18,00 kn
Chrisps 20,00 kn

Seasonal salad 15,00 kn

Apple strudel 16,00 kn
Cherry strudel 16,00 kn
Sljeme pie 19,00 kn
Snow Queen´s crepes 19,00 kn
Pancakes with marmelade or  chocolate 15,00 kn

Beans broth 25,00 kn
Beans broth with sausages 35,00 kn
Beef tripes with bacon 45,00 kn
Roasted turkey with mlinci (traditional croatian pasta) 65,00 kn

Beans broth with smoked ribs 40,00 kn
Cooked pork shank with side dish 60,00 kn
Sausages with pickled cabbage and ssauteed potatoes 45,00 kn